Housing Covid-19 Response FAQs


Spring Semester Covid Q&A 


When is the spring housing application open?  

The spring semester housing application is slated to open on November 16th at 10 am. The spring housing application is contingent on how COVID-19 progresses. We receive our direction from public health officials, the CSU Chancellor’s Office, and university leadership and we recommend continuing to monitor our website as the application gets closer to stay up to date. 


When is the Spring Semester Housing Deadline? 

The priority deadline to apply for housing is December 11th. 


Will housing spaces be restricted for spring semester housing 

The amount of housing space we have available to students are determined by public health officials. Additionally, students will be prioritized based on need due to the limited amount of space.  


How will housing be prioritized? 

Due to the limited number of housing space available due to COVID-19, housing will be prioritized based on need and when the student completes their housing application. There will be a page on the application where students will be asked to describe their reason for needing on-campus housing.  


What if I do not get a confirmed space in housing? 

Students who are not confirmed a space in housing will be placed on a paid waitlist. 


Will confirmed housing students have roommates for spring semester? 

To ensure the safety of our campus and residential community, housing residents will be assigned a room and will not have a roommate. Please note: Students will be charged a double room rate regardless of being placed in a room by themselves.  


What if I was confirmed a space in housing and cancelled housing after December 18th, would I receive a refund of the $275 service fee? 

a.   Any student who cancels before Friday, December 18th will be refunded the $275 service fee. 

b.  Cancellations on or after Friday, December 18th will forfeit the $275 service fee and be charged the 30-day prorated cancellation fee. 

c.  Cancellations on or after Move-in Day will forfeit the $275 service, be charged the $200 cancellation fee as well as prorated room and meal charges. 


I cancelled my housing application before December 18th but have not received a refund of the $275 service fee? 

a.   All students who cancel their application and are eligible for a refund will be notified via email once our office has submitted their refund request. Please note: The Cashier's Office may take up to 4-6 weeks to process refunds. 


What if I am a waitlisted student and decide to cancel, would I receive a refund of the $275 service fee?  

 Any waitlisted student who cancels before Sunday, January 17th will be refunded the $275 service fee. Any waitlisted housing student who has not cancelled their application by January 31st will have their application cancelled by our office. Your service fee will then be processed for reimbursement by the Cashier's Office once we have fully processed your cancellation. If HRL is informed before the deadline by government officials that a reduction of occupancy is required, those still on the waitlist will be cancelled and refunded their service fee. 


Do I need to be tested for COVID-19 before the Spring semester? 

a.  In consultation with our campus and local health department, confirmed housing students will need to get tested prior to moving in. More information will be provided at a later date.  

b.  If a resident or the people who are to help the resident move-in have COVID related symptoms (fever, cough, chills, sore throat, shortness of breath, new loss of taste or smell, or body aches) they should stay home and follow self-isolation procedures. The resident should notify HRL via email at housing@csulb.edu if move-in plans must be adjusted prior to move-in day. 


What health and safety regulations will be in place for students to follow for the Spring 2021 semester? 

Please refer to the 2020-2021 Housing & Residential Life Terms and Conditions Agreement Addendum that all residents were emailed and must sign via DocuSign prior to moving in. Students will be required to participate in on-going monthly testing. 


What processes and procedures does HRL have in place to help sanitize and keep the residence halls clean? 

a.   Every residence hall restroom will be cleaned and sanitized once daily and sanitized a second time in the day as well. 

b.   All high touch spaces will be cleaned twice daily. 

c.  Disinfectant will be left in the restrooms for students to use between the two daily cleanings as well as signs for the restrooms in use so to have only one resident in restroom at a time. 

d.  Hand sanitizer will be available in high traffic areas. 


When will I know what building and room I am assigned to? 

a.   All confirmed housing residents will be housed in Parkside College ONLY. Residents are expected to receive an email notification with their building name and room number during the week of January 4th. Be sure to check your student email frequently. 


When is move-in day? 

Provost Jersky has notified campus that in-person classes are going to be delayed. This means our move-in day will also be delayed. Please continue to watch your email, especially in early January, we hope to provide you updated information about when you can move into your residence hall room. Once a move in date is determined, confirmed students will be able to select an appointment day and time for move-in through the housing portal. Prior to move-in students will receive an email directing them to our move-in website that will include information about recommended items to bring and leave at home. Additionally, the move-in website will have information about special protocols, guidelines, and procedures to follow during move-in during this time of COVID-19. 


How many people can help me move-in? 

a.   Residents are permitted to have up to 3 people help them move-in during their designated time slot 

b.   All who are here are required to wear a face mask (correctly) and to practice social distancing with others. 

c.   All students and guests will be asked to fill out a COVID-19 related symptom check online before entering campus. 

d.   Anyone who has any COVID-19 related symptoms should stay home for the safety of students, staff, and family members. 


How will move-in work? 

a.  Students will select the time that works best for them to move-in. Once your time is confirmed, it is important that you arrive on time, as we will need time between groups to clean. 

b.  Upon arrival, only the resident should approach the welcome area in front of Parkside College. The resident must bring a photo ID. Guests must wait in the car until the resident is checked in. 

c.   Only an hour and half will be provided for this move in, so focus on getting things out of the car and into the room. Residents are highly encouraged to bring a dolly or a wagon if they have a lot of items. Once the hour and half time frame ends, the student becomes the only member of the group who is allowed in the building. 

d.  If you need to make a trip to the store after the move in time slot, only the student can have access to the building. We need for students to take this rule very seriously. We want to avoid bringing any outsiders into the new bubble of people who live in the hall. 


What sort of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should I bring? 

a.  We recommend students bring at least 5-7 reusable face masks with them to ensure they can wear a different one every day without issue. Masks should be laundered or hand-washed after every use. Please note that masks with release valves are not permitted, as they may allow droplets to escape. 

b.   Housing & Residential Life will provide every student with one free facemask, touchless tool, small bottle of hand sanitizer, and a mask ear-saver when they move in. There will be hand sanitizer provided for student use in high traffic areas including the service center, dining halls, etc. 

c.   Students may want to consider bringing these other PPE items, including but not limited to at least 7 face coverings (one for every day of the week), hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, disposable gloves, face shield (must be worn with a face mask if utilized), etc. 


Will students be allowed to leave campus (i.e., employment, weekends)? Can students return to campus if they leave for fall or spring break? 

a.  Every time a student interacts with others, they increase the risk of viral transmission in their residence hall. We cannot and will not prevent students from leaving campus, but we do highly discourage it. 


What on-campus services and resources will be available to me during the Spring semester (i.e., library, the bookstore, SRWC (rec center), the USU)? 

a.  For the most updated information regarding hours of operation and resources provided during the fall semester, please visit the Latest Updates on the One Beach website 


What procedure should a student follow if they have been exposed to COVID-19 or test positive? 

a.   If you think you may be or have been exposed or infected, you should call Student Health Services (SHS) at (562) 985-4771. Telehealth Services available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. The after-hours nurse advice line (nights, weekends, & holidays) is 1-800-240-7617. 

b.   Do no leave your room until you have been given further instructions by Student Health Services & Housing. 

c.   You should also inform the Housing & Residential Life staff who will work with SHS to see to your needs. 

d.   Residents are encouraged to go home if they are exposed to COVID19, but if returning to your permanent home is not an option Housing & Residential Life will have quarantine spaces set aside. 


What is the difference between Quarantine and Isolation? 

a.    Quarantine separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick. Isolation separates sick people with a contagious disease from people who are not sick. 


What procedures does Housing & Residential Life have in place if someone in my suite or building contracts or is exposed to COVID-19 in the fall semester? 

a.   Housing, under the direction of Public Health, has set assigned allotted numbers of rooms to be used as quarantine areas. 

b.   Should a student contract or have exposure to COVID-19, that student will need to move to a quarantine space. The student must take everything they may need for a 14-day quarantine period. The quarantine room will be stocked with linens, a micro-fridge, toilet paper, trash bags, and some bottled water. We have developed a quarantine packing list to assist students if/when this may occur. Please review this Quarantine Packing List. 

c.   A student in quarantine will not be allowed back into their assigned space until they are cleared to return. No personal items will be retrieved for students after they have moved into the quarantine space. Therefore, students must double-check that all their daily personal, professional, and academic needs are met with the items they take into isolation. Dining hall food will be delivered to the room during this time. 

d.   If a student has been approved to have a service animal or ESA that requires being let out, students will not be permitted to leave their room to walk their animal or have guests come to walk it for them. Staff will not walk the animal. They must have a pre-determined plan for someone off-campus to take their animals for the period of isolation or they must find an off-campus location to isolate with their ESA. 


What if I move in and decide that it is in my best interest to move out, can I cancel and get a refund after I have moved into the building? 

a.    Any student who wishes to cancel after move-in day would need to put in a request to vacate to the main office with statement of reason or any documentation for reason. After review and if approved, the student will be charged the cancellation fee and prorated room/meal charges. 


Will the dining halls be open for the Spring semester? (I.e., is it only to go available or will there be an outside dinning option). 

a.   Yes, meals will begin on Monday, January 18. Dining hall will be open following social distancing regulations and only for to go box services. You can find more information about the Dining policies here 


b.    The Spring 2021 dining hours are as follows: 

i.   Monday - Friday 

                       7 am – 10 am Breakfast 

                      11 am – 3 pm Lunch 

                       4 pm – 8 pm Dinner 

ii.  Saturday - Sunday 

                     10 am - 2 pm Brunch 

                     4:30 pm – 7:30 pm Dinner 


What happens if the University must shut down Housing because of COVID-19? 

a.   We require that all students provide their Personal Evacuation Plan (located in the header of the Housing Portal after you log in to the Housing Portal) in the event that a peak in transmission (or another factor, similar to Safer-at-Home orders in March 2020) required that students must vacate campus housing quickly (within five days). Students must plan to take all their belongings in a situation like this. Housing will not store items. All items left behind will be considered abandoned and will go to the campus discarded campus property process. 

b.  Housing will have a plan to relocate if needed those who cannot go home in a manner that better isolates them from each other and the outside if needed, but this will be a last resort available to residents who meet the qualifications. 

c.   If the campus cannot house anyone, HRL will work with students by providing resources to assist them in moving off campus.