Expository Reading & Writing Course (ERWC)

The Expository Reading & Writing Course (ERWC) is a college preparatory English class for high school seniors that is designed to promote strong critical thinking skills, academic literacy, and writing ability.

  1. Students will develop skills and habits important for meeting the expectations of college and university faculty.
  2. Passing ERWC with a grade of “C” or better enables a higher English readiness category - PDF for some CSU first-year students
  3. ERWC satisfies California A-G requirements for English/language arts
  4. ERWC integrates CA Common Core Standards for English, Language Arts, & Literacy
  1. High school English language arts teachers may register for a four-day workshop series to become an ERWC-certified instructor. Co-sponsored by the CSU and the California County Offices of Education, there is no fee for registration or materials.
  2. Visit the Cal State website to register and see upcoming certification dates
  1. Schools in the CSULB local admission area should contact the CSULB EAP Coordinator for support.
  2. Follow the adoption process - PDF outlined by the CSU Center for Advancement of Reading & Writing.
  3. Download the ERWC adoption application form - PDF.
  4. Learn more about adoption by visiting the ERWC online community home page