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California State University, Long Beach
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Bob Murphy ACCESS Center
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BMAC Registration & Accommodation Request Process

MyBMAC Student Database

To access MyBMAC, please sign into Single Sign On (SSO), or click the yellow MyBMAC icon below:


BMAC Registration Steps:

Step 1: Gather disability documentation.

  • For guidance on the documentation required, review our Documentation Guidelines.
  • Documentation of your disability in the form of a letter from a Doctor or mental health professional. (See Guidelines for Documentation - PDF)
  • Click here to download our Disability Verification Form (which is one way that a medical professional can provide you with disability documentation).
  • Students with readily observable disabilities (e.g. wheelchair user, white cane user) can contact BMAC after submitting your application in lieu of uploading documentation.

Step 2: Complete the MyBMAC application via Single Sign On (SSO) or BMAC website. Then, upload your disability documentation to MyBMAC.

The New Student Application helps BMAC better understand the impacts of your disability and your accommodation requests. The application includes a file upload feature to provide BMAC with your disability documentation.

If submitted documentation is not sufficient, you will receive an email that will provide instructions for how to provide sufficient documentation.

For assistance with the New Student Application, please review our Instructions page or contact BMAC.

Step 3: BMAC will contact the student to schedule a ‘Welcome Meeting’ with a BMAC Disability Specialist.

To ensure that you do not miss important emails from BMAC, we encourage you to either (1) add the domain "post.accessiblelearning.com" to your safe sender list (click here for Outlook 365 instructions), or (2) regularly check your junk mail folder.

Typically, these emails are sent within three business days of documentation receipt.

Step 4: At the welcome meeting, the student and BMAC Disability Specialist will engage in an Interactive Process to discuss relevant and reasonable accommodations, services, and resources.

During your Welcome Meeting, you will discuss your submitted application, barriers you experience in the academic environment, accommodations that would work best for you, and steps for setting up those accommodations in your classes.

You are not officially registered with BMAC until after you have completed your Welcome Meeting.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact BMAC.

Step 5: Accommodations and services begin as a registered BMAC student.

Students must meet with faculty for each course to discuss accommodation set up and implementation within the course.

Students can inform BMAC of any support throughout the semester regarding lack of accommodations, academic difficulties due to disability, or assistance in working with faculty.

Step 6: Student must renew accommodations and services for course(s) through MyBMAC each semester.

MyBMAC Instructions for BMAC-Registered Students

Students registered with BMAC utilize MyBMAC to generate their Course Accessibility Letters and make accommodation requests each semester for CSULB courses:

  • MyBMAC will directly email your instructors a copy of your Course Accessibility Letter after you submit your requests in each course. You will receive a copy via email as well.
  • Students can now schedule their accommodated exams at BMAC using the online Alternative Testing Module. This module replaces the paper "Test Accommodation Form."

NOTE: To ensure that you do not miss important emails sent via MyBMAC, we encourage you to either:

General Reminders and Clarifications

  • For some common courses, accommodation requests are managed partially or entirely by a course coordinator instead of the instructor.  It is important for you to know these contacts and follow up as needed with them.
  • When logging into MyBMAC for the first time, don’t forget to sign your e-agreements. You won’t be able to see your courses or generate your letters until you have done so.
  • MyBMAC letters are now customizable by course. When generating your Course Accessibility Letters, only select the accommodations that you are actually requesting in each course. Depending on the design of the course, you may only need to utilize some of your approved accommodations.
  • You are still required to meet with your instructors, discuss your accommodation requests with them and follow any applicable procedures.
  • For scheduling exams at BMAC, our deadlines remain the same.
    • Quizzes/midterms before week 3: submit ASAP
    • Quizzes/midterms occurring week 3 or later: 1 week in advance
    • Finals held during the University’s Finals Week
    • Finals held outside of Finals Week: 1 week in advance