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California State University, Long Beach
Important information about the university's response to COVID-19
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Bob Murphy ACCESS Center. Hearing aid, sign language and lip reading.
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Deaf & Hard of Hearing Support Services

Location: SSC-110
Phone: (562) 985-5426

Video Phone: (562) 286-6671

or (888) 442-7308.


About Us

Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, upon request, can be provided the following support services: Sign language interpreters, Real-Time Captioners (RTC), Note-taking, a Parking Permit for priority parking spaces, Admission Advising, Financial Aid Advising, Academic Advising, Priority Registration, and Disability Management.

All students wishing to have support services, must provide verification of their disability in the way of a physician's letter and audiogram.


For individual classes, captioners may use a streaming service/application called Streamtext to send captions via the internet. In this case, captioners will not be sending the captions through the Zoom app.

There are two options within Streamtext for viewing captions:

OPTION 1: By clicking the Streamtext “Player” link that will be emailed to you (no downloading necessary).

Here is an example of a Streamtext “Player” link that is ACTIVE:


You can click this link or copy/paste into your URL bar and try it out now. You can size the window to your liking. The chat feature can be removed later by letting your captioner know. However, you may choose to use the chat feature to communicate with your captioner easily.

Remember, you will also be using the Zoom application for your classes, so you will have to manage the size of your windows. Or you also may use a separate device such as a phone or tablet to view the Streamtext Player.

Your class’s link will look exactly like the link above EXCEPT it will have your class’s name at the end of the link. So for example:

https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=MATH101 OR


Please reach out to the BMAC office or your captioner if your class is starting and you still don’t have aStreamtextlink.

OPTION 2: Download theStreamcast app (a closed caption box).

Streamcast is an option within the Streamtext service, except it is CC box that you can customize and OVERLAY on to whatever window you have open, such as your Zoom screen.The Streamcast application is downloaded only once to your PC or Mac.

Installation Instructions (From Streamcast’s webpage): Please click or paste the following link into your URL to see illustrations.


The application is very easy to install. Once installed just click CTRL+s in the StreamCast window. The controls will open up and you can configure everything from the colors to the spacing. You will size your box by hovering over the right edge of the box and using your cursor and mouse to shrink or expand your box vertically or horizontally.

One-time Installation Instructions:

1. Download StreamCast.exe to your computer by clicking on the link below. We have two versions one for Mac and the other for Windows.

Windows Version withctrl+sto view controls: https://www.dropbox.com/s/knlxunfv5ylgxo7/StreamCast.exe?dl=0

Windows Version with controls in upper left hand corner: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lfumgdhcj8j9s4p/StreamCast-Dev-x86.exe?dl=0

Mac OS:https://www.dropbox.com/s/yqvvdkvkkxfc8ad/StreamCast.dmg?dl=0

Mac 64 bit version https://www.dropbox.com/s/h185xa7q80kdel6/StreamCast-x64.dmg?dl=1

2. It will automatically install once you run or open the file.  It will start up with the StreamText demo event running by default.

3. To adjust the settings and connect it to your event just click onctrl+sin the window. The controls will pop up and you can set the event name to the name you programmed the event with. It is just the event name not the event link. From here you can adjust Font Size, Colors and spacing. Once you have entered all the details just click the "Save Settings" button at the bottom of the form. The StreamCast window will then come up with your new settings. Once installed it will also remember your lasts ettings so you don't have to reenter them.

4. Your “Event Name” will be your class’s name. For example: MATH101 or ENGL101. Your specific captioner will let you know that.

5. Once installed, you can practice sizing the CC box. You can enter I Have A Dream as your event to practice sizing the box by hovering your cursor and mouse on the right and lower edges of the CC box. Then use the drag feature to customize.

Please, please, feel free to reach out to BMAC if you have any questions regarding Streamtext and Streamcast. And good luck!


To arrange an appointment with a Deaf & Hard of Hearing Support Services staff member, call Voice-(562) 985-5426, or Videophone-(562) 286-6671 or (888) 442-7308.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Support Services Staff
Staff Name Office Title Phone E-mail
Gloria Williams
SSC-114L Coordinator

(562) 985-5426

VP: (562) 286-6671
or (888) 442-7308