Testing, Evaluation & Assessment

The AIM Center, in conjunction with the Department of Testing Services, administers local, national, and state exams with special accommodations for students with disabilities.

Tests administered by the AIM Center include:

  • Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement Placement Examination (GWAR)
  • Chemistry Placement Examination (CPT)

Accommodations for specific disabilities include:

  • Alternative Media (Braille, E-text, Kurzweil, Large print)
  • Extended Time
  • Reader/Writer
  • Individual Room
  • Computer Access: PC/MAC
  • Word Q
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Extra Breaks
  • Interpreter
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Close Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • JAWS (screen reader application)
  • Zoom Text (large screen enhancement software)

Students who need to take the GWAR and CPT exams must obtain a referral from the Bob Murphy Access Center (BMAC) (SSC-110) and call (562) 985-1663 to make an appointment to register in-person at the AIM Center.