Mr. Mike Murchison

Trustee of the Martin A. and Clarisse Clancy Foundation

Over the last two decades, the Beth Hodges Foundation and the Clancy Foundation have touched a large portion of the Long Beach nonprofit community, including various programs across CSULB. The Foundation’s mission is to give back to the community and support programs throughout Long Beach that focus on improving the lives of the community members in creative and unique ways. Both foundations have a long history with CSULB and have helped fund a variety of programs and initiatives across campus. Most recently, the Clancy Foundation supported the Basic Needs Program by providing housing grants to students experiencing homelessness. As one student highlights, “Because of your help, I am able to pay [my] rent and not worry about being [evicted]. I am so grateful for this generous support to help me in this time of need. . .and cannot express how truly grateful I am.” - Mercedes, Cinema Major. The Murchison’s continue to fund the University because it is where young adults grow and learn to be productive members of our Long Beach community. The foundation also supports causes related to women’s health. They seek to provide resources and access to health care for families who lack the financial resources to get tested. Mike’s beloved sister passed away from heart disease, and as a result, women’s health is an extremely important cause for the family. Mike and his family take their role and responsibility as trustees very seriously. They take great pride in the work they do, knowing each year they can make an impact on so many other organizations and people. “When we see how people’s lives are positively affected by the work we do, we remind ourselves this is what it’s all about, loving and supporting our fellow human beings”.

About Mike

Born and raised in Long Beach, Mike grew up in the community next door to CSULB. He has fond memories of playing football and basketball on the campus with his friends before CSULB became what it is today. He attended 49er camp and went to many CSULB basketball games with his Father.

My heart is with CSULB.
- Mr. Mike Murchison

Mike has a strong affinity for Long Beach and says, “My heart is with CSULB.” Mike is a lobbyist, advocate, and philanthropist. As a trustee, Mike wears a different hat, and he is honored to carry the responsibility and legacy that his parents entrust in him. His father served for over 50 years on the Saint Mary’s Hospital Board. His mother is a CSULB alum. Mike’s parents have always led by example and are a huge motivator in his current role as a trustee and community member. He is grateful of his parents and the upbringing he had, as they are the ones who taught him how important serving others is.

Most recently, Mike and his wife, Tracy, created and led The Long Beach Challenge, a fundraiser that raised more than $87,000 to answer food insecurity during the onset of the pandemic. The Long Beach Education Foundation and Meals on Wheels of Long Beach were the beneficiaries of those funds raised and were able to feed many more seniors, children, and families because of this money.

The Murchison family looks forward to many more successful years serving on the Foundation Boards and other Philanthropic projects to raise awareness, support their community and contribute to others health and happiness.