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Club Sports and Recreation
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How to Form a New Club Sport

Students may petition to add a new club at any time. It is the responsibility of the students interested in initiating a new club sport to meet with the Director of Club Sports & Recreation. Groups that desire recognition, or renewal as a Club Sport must satisfy the minimum criteria and turn in all related paperwork.

Procedures for All Club Sports

  1. Schedule a meeting with the Director of Club Sports & Recreation to discuss plans for a new club, review application, discuss student interest and guidelines for promoting your club on campus, receive information on club constitution and by-laws and review the organizational registration form.
  2. Complete Application for Forming a New Sport Club and the Organization Registration forms (both available in the department office)
  3. Form a written constitution and by laws in accordance with guidelines (see example on following pages) to be turned into the Director
  4. Minimum criteria for recognized Club Sports:
    1. Sufficient membership interest, a minimun of 18 members for competitive clubs, and 15 total (12 students and 3 faculty/staff) for recreation clubs. All students must be currently enrolled students interested in the new club
    2. The club is not currently offered
    3. The activity can be covered my a medical insurance policy
    4. There are adequate facilities to meet the needs of a new club
    5. Each member must complete a membership/waiver form (available in the appendix of this manual)
    6. Elected Club Officers must keep an updated officer listing on file with the department of Club Sports & Recreation
    7. A membership roster (see appendix for form) of all club members must be up to date at all times and should contain each member’s name, mailing address, email, telephone number, and class load-units enrolled in.
    8. The club can operate without student funding for the first year

Competitive Clubs

Competitive clubs must meet the following criteria to be considered as a new club:

  1. Available competition exists within a reasonable geographic range.
  2. The club sport is related and falls within the guidelines of a competitive club.
  3. The new club has a knowledgeable coach who will adhere to the guidelines outlined in the coaches' contract of this handbook.
  4. There is a commitment from a CSULB staff or faculty member to act as an advisor.

Final Step for All New Club Sports

After all paperwork has been completed, you must call to make an appointment with the Director of Club Sports & Recreation 562-985-7351 to discuss approval or denial.

An application to form a new sport may be denied based on the following:

  1. insufficient number of students willing to participate in the new club
  2. lack of facilities on or off campus
  3. expense to run the club is greater that the support of the participants
  4. inability to purchase liability and medical insurance.

Once the club is recognized as a “sport club” by the Club Sports and Recreation office, the information will be forwarded to the Office of Student Life and Development for university recognition and review of the constitution and bylaws.

A new club is fully and officially recognized after these criteria have been met and approved. A sport club must remain active for at least one year and adhere to university and department guidelines to be eligible for funding by the Associated Students, Inc.

Returning Clubs

Only those clubs who are officially recognized by the Club Sports & Recreation Department, the Associated Students Inc., and the Division of Student Services may meet on a regular basis with the premise that its members are representing CSULB. To continue to be recognized by the university, the registration procedures must be completed.

Registration Procedures for Returning Clubs

  1. Club Officers must complete an Organization Registration Form with the Club Sports and Recreation Department (see appendix). The president of the club must be a full-time student, with a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  2. At least one officer of each club team must attend the Club Sport Orientation Meeting held at the beginning of each semester and attend other mandated meetings throughout the school year.
  3. An updated club roster must be on file.
  4. Liability and waiver forms (see appendix) must be completed for EACH registered club member and kept on file (they will not be allowed to participate, practice or travel with team without this)
  5. An UPDATED constitution and by-laws must be on file in the SLD office and the Club Sport and Recreation office every 5 years per campus policy.
  6. Complete and submit to the Club Sport and Recreation department all required contracts and forms (coaches and officer contracts, volunteer forms, etc).
  7. Continue to follow all requirements of the Club Sports program discussed in this manual and in the orientation meetings.
  8. Maintain a balanced budget at all times.

Inactive clubs

Clubs may be placed on inactive status or probation if one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • Club member interest drops below the minimum participation standards for more than one semester.
  • The club no longer holds regularly scheduled meetings over a 6 week period during an active time of the year.
  • The club has no identified membership.

Imformation About Club Sport Eligibilty

  1. The Director of Recreational Sports will provide the Office of Enrollment Services with a Club Sport Reporting Requirements Inventory form.
  2. An official player eligibility rules and regulations for each sport's league or association must be included with each request.
  3. The official signature of each student participant is required before information will be released.
  4. The forms will be processed within five working days after receiving the completed form. No processing of the form will take place until all information has been provided.
  5. The completed form will be mailed directly to the indicated sports association. Exceptions must be specified on the "Club Sports Reporting Inventory form."
  6. Club sports student participants should not be contacting me, as information can not be released to a student. Only a University staff member is authorized to handle the various league eligilbity forms.