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California State University, Long Beach
Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs Program
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It's understandable that the idea of quitting smoking can be quite daunting, yet CSULB has established many different resources to help those who wish to adopt a nonsmoking lifestyle. This section will refer students, faculty and staff members to the various avenues that are available to them through the CSULB Student Health Center and CSULB Human Resources Department, as well as online services that show the rewards of going smoke free. We hope these are helpful, and that you are able to enjoy the health benefits as CSULB aims to "BREATHE."


Free Tobacco Cessation Services Available:

* Free Quit Kit

* One-on -One Health Education

* Nicotine Replacement Therapy (Patches, Gum) or non-Nicotine Medication (Zyban)

* Acupuncture Clinic- . For appointments and clinic schedule, call: (562)985-4609. Open to CSULB students only

Check out our flyers! Tobacco Cessation Services Flyer Acupuncture Clinic Flyer


CSULB Resources for Students and Employees

CSULB Student Services

Student Health Services: The Student Health Center physicians can engage in smoking cessation counseling and treatment, including the use of medications such as Chantix as medically appropriate. Find the CSULB Student Health Center location using the campus map. (562) 985-4771

Student Health Services Pharmacy: Food and Drug Administration approved nicotine-replacement therapy products will be provided. (562) 985-7899

Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs Program: Free quit kits and one-on-one session with students to discuss smoking cessations options. (562)985-5859

BREATHE Advocates: Peer health educators can provide smoking-related presentations, free quit kits and other materials.

Counseling & Psychological Services: CAPS staff also provides counseling and support for substance use and addiction. Find the CAPS location using the campus map. (562)985-4001


CSULB Employee Services

Employees may also take advantage of smoking-cessation services available through their CSULB health plan.

Additionally, free quit kits and other materials such as FDA-approved nicotine-replacement therapy products are available through the Student Health Services Pharmacy.

For those employees and students who wish to stop smoking, California State University, Long Beach shall support and assist their efforts by providing referrals to cessation programs. If interested, contact the Faculty/Staff Assistance Program for information and help at extension 5-7434.


Smoking Cessation Mobile Apps

  1. QuitGuide provides insight in to what to expect when you quit.
  2. National Cancer Institute’s QuitPal supports smokers working to become smoke-free.
  3. QuitSTART provides tips to use during cravings.


FAQs for Students Post Proposition 64

Q. Is marijuana now ok to have campus?

A. No. CSULB, like all colleges and universities, are held to two federal laws, the Drug-Free School and Community Act and the Drug-Free Workplace Act. These laws say that in order to receive any federal funding, the university must prohibt all illegal drugs. Since marijuana is still illegal under federal law, it remains an illegal substance to possess, sell, or use. CSULB must therefore continue to prohibit its use, possession or sale or campus as well.


Q. Since CSULB is a part of the California State University System, and since the State of California has made marijuana legal, doesn't CSULB have to follow California law?

A. As mentioned above, CSULB is governed by the Federal Drug-Free Schools and Community Act and the Drug-Free Workplace Act. Failure to follow federal law would cause the university to jeopardize millions of federal dollars that support students, colleges, and programs. Also, CSULB is governed by policies set by the California State Univesity's Chancellor's office. The CSU Chancellor has also recognized the risk of federal funds being cut, and has made clear that marijuana policies are not going to change.


Q. My student organziation would like to have a cannabis brownie bake sale to raise money for our acitivities. If we're off campus, is that a problem?

A. Yes, it is a problem. First make sure you understand the new State law's details about who can legally sell cannabis products. Your bake sale would probably still be illegal. Second, CSULB is governed by the Federal Drug-Free Schools and Community Act and the Drug-Free Workplace Act. That means all campus sanctioned activities, including studnt organization fundraising, must remain drug-free as defined by the federal law; federal law still includes marijuana as a banned substance.


Q. I'm a medical marijuana patient, can I use it on campus?

A. The Federal Drug-Free Schools and Community Act and the Drug-Free Workplace Act do not distinguish medical and non-medical use. So CSULB, like all colleges and universities, prohibits the use, regardless of medical status.


Q. Can't I just smoke my pot across the street from the university to get around the CSULB policy?

A. Well, take a look at Proposition 64's regulation of marijuana use. You may find that it's still against State law to use marijuana in this manner. Further, CSULB's student Code of Conduct does, in some instances, apply to conduct which occurs off campus, so its's possible that such use would be considered a conduct violation as well.


Q. Can I grow a few cannabis plants in my dorm room?

A. No. First, check the rental agreement and you'll see that marijuana is explicitly prohibted. Second, see the discussion of the Drug-Free Schools and Community Act and the Drug-Free Aorkplace Act above. Our residence halls must prohibit all illegal drugs as defined by the federal law.