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California State University, Long Beach
Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs Program
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Prevention Awareness Uniting Students with Empowerment (PAUSE) teaches the students the importance of intervening when someone might need help. PAUSE focuses on interventions using the three step decision making process to intervene in all circumstances but focuseson sexual violence situations. Peer faciliators present these trainings to students across the CSULB campus. You could be the difference. We are devoted to training all CSULB students to prevent sexual violence from occurring and invite you to join in our efforts!

Tips to Being a "PAUSE-itive" Bystander

Approach everyone as a friend

Don not be antagonistic

Be honest and direct whenever possible

Try to stay calm and in charge

Recruit help if necessary

Do you know the 3Ds?

Distract- Create an alternative focus for the perpetrator and victim

Delegate- Give direction & support to both parties

Direct- Direct communication with all parties

Rights & Responsibilities

You have the right to:

Say "No", no matter what you've said or done before.

Change your mind, even after you've said "Yes" and not be pressured or persuaded to continue.

Decide what your own values are about sex and to make decisions about your own sexual experiences based on those values.

Decide what your own boundaries are and have them respected by others.


You have the responsibility to:

Respect "no means no" at all circumstances

Make sure your partner really wants to do the things you want to do.

Check with the other person's decisions, boundaries and values.

Make no assumptions;

    If the other other person is passed out or sleeping, they cannot consent

    If someone isn't saying "No" this doesn't automatically mean "Yes"

Campus Resources

CSULB Student Health Services, Alcohol & Drug/ Sexual Assault Counseling

Linda Pena, MA,MS,CADC

ATOD/Violence Prevention & Sexual Misconduct Counselor



CSULB Counseling & Psychological Services (CaPS)



CSULB University Police



CSULB Women's Gender & Equity Center




News & Events


Presentation Requests

Presentation requests can be made by going to the "Contact Us" section of this web site. Please indicate the date, time, location, number of students in the class, and specific topic you would like presented. Please notify us two weeks in advance for scheduling and preparation for presentations. Thank you!

Get Involved!

If you want to be part of a great team, contact us and get involved with PAUSE today!

Check out our brochure & booklet!

PAUSE Brochure

PAUSE Booklet