CSU GI 2025 & Framework


The Division of Student Affairs is actively working within the unit and with campus partners to address the charge and goals of the CSU Graduation Initiative 2025. The initiative includes six pillars.

  • Academic Preparation
  • Enrollment Management
  • Student Engagement and Well-being
  • Financial Aid
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Administrative Barriers


CSULB DSA Access and Retention Units utilize Dr. Watson Scott Swail's model of student retention.
The Art of Student Retention: A Handbook for Practitioners and Administrators - PDF

The Watson Scott Swail Model of  Student Retention is depicted by a triangle with the student experience at the center of the triangle. The three sides reflect the factors that contribute to the student experience, social, institutional, and cognitive factors. The cognitive factors include: quality of learning, critical-thinking ability, technology ability, study skills, and academic related extracurricular activities. Social factors include financial issues, social coping skills, cultural values, and goal commitment. The institutional factors include financial aid, student services, and recruitment admissions.