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California State University, Long Beach
CMS: Common Management System

Help Desk - Whom to Call for Help


Description  Point of Contact  Email  Phone 
All Finance CFS or Data Warehouse questions, issues, training, etc.  FIS Help Desk  

Human Resources

Area  Point(s) of Contact  Email  Phone 
Account Code Override  Lilly Nguyen 985-8257 
Benefits  Benefits Services 985-2381 
Catastrophic Leave Donation  Marita Swanson 985-1741 
CS Link  Campus Help Desk 985-4959 
Employee's Job Record  HRIS 985-2019 
Forms  Lilly Nguyen 985-8257 
Leave of Absences  Roxanna Roa 985-8259 
Manage Positions  Rachel New 985-8217 


  • Staff
  • Faculty
  • Students
  • Positive Pay
Payroll Services 985-4164 
Personnel Transaction Form  HRIS 985-2019 
Position Pool ID  Lilly Nguyen 985-8257 
Security Access (HR)  Lilly Nguyen 985-8257 
Staff Recruitment   Karen Kerr 985-5640 
Training  Stacey Schack 985-1052 

Student Administration

Area  Point of Contact  Email  Phone 
Access & Training - Admissions  Victor Munoz 985-8095 
Access & Training - Advising EAB  Nicole Pricer 985-4319 
Access & Training - Financial Aid  Byron Burnaugh 985-7320 
Access & Training - Advising & Student Records  Tiffany Lin 985-7353 
Access & Training - Student Financials  SF Help Desk 985-8280 
Admissions  LaKeysha Carter
Amir Nia
Advisor Center  Nicole Pricer 985-4319 
Business Process Guides  CMS Web Site - SA  NA NA 
Faculty Center  Michele Mumm 985-5497 
Financial Aid  Byron Burnaugh 985-7320 
Graduation  Lisa Fascia 985-7339  
Registration  Michele Mumm 985-5497 
Scheduling  Kristine West 985-4510 
Security Forms  Victor Munoz 985-8095 
Student Financials  SF Help Desk 985-8280 
Transfer Credit  Natalie Sparkman 985-8137 

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