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May 5, 2008



                  1.Professor Kevin MacDonald serves on the editorial board and has published widely in the White nationalist journal The Occidental Quarterly, a journal devoted to "the cultural, ethnic, and racial interests of Western European peoples,"i which has consistently tried to make “the case for inherited human inequality.”ii


                  2. MacDonald has advocated for the protection of the interests of “White European” Americans: ideally  through the creation of a white ethnostate iii or failing that, through a return to the racially based restrictions of earlier U.S. immigration policy.iv  He  argues that white Europeans in the United States should limit non-white immigration in order to avoid “a substantial diminution of the genetic, political, and cultural influence of these people [white Europeans].”v


                  3. MacDonald's writings about Jews include the following:

                                    a. repeated desciptions of Jews as a threat to white, European civilization vi

                                    b. the characterization of Western anti-Semitism as a rational, defensive                                                                                        response to the presence of Jews and their “hyper-ethnocentrism” and collectivist culture; vii

                                    c. description of his own work as “rational anti-Semitism; ”

                                    d. the statement that he considers being called an anti-Semite a “badge of  honor”; 

                                    e. The argument that Jews support cultural relativism, multicultural policies and nonwhite                                                      immigration to the United States in order to    undermine White European culture and maintain their                                   own positions of superiority. 


                   4. Throughout  his writings, Dr. MacDonald  insists that his generalizations about White Europeans, Jews, African-Americans  and other groups have a genetic basis, and that these groups can be legitimately ranked along scales of positive and negative attributes, including loyalty, intelligence and so forth. MacDonald has argued that (Ashkenazic) Jews have specific abilities for intelligence, that White Europeans have a genetic predisposition for individualism, and that Blacks have lower abilities for intelligence. viii         


                  6.  MacDonald's writings, and his status as a tenured full professor at CSULB are regularly used by white separatists and neo-Nazis to legitimize and promote their agendas. White supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke has posted MacDonald’s articles to his Website and the anti-Semitic newspaper American Free Press has promoted a videotaped interview with him. The white supremacist Nationalist Party USA devotes a section to his work on its Website and the neo-Nazi National Alliance includes three of MacDonald’s books in its “repository of knowledge and inspiration for our people.”


WHEREAS the California State University at Long Beach Academic Senate firmly believe in and seek to protect the principle of academic freedom, but also understand that the mantle of "academic freedom" can be used to advance racism, bigotry, or other forms of intolerance;


                  WHEREAS bigotry and intolerance directed at any social group runs counter to the foundational values of respect and tolerance embedded in the University mission “to prepare students to function effectively in a culturally diverse society, by developing an understanding of our diverse heritage”;


                  WHEREAS Academic Senate Policy Statement 00-07 on Professional Responsibility enjoins all faculty “to seek and to state the truth as they see it”;

                  WHEREAS Dr. MacDonald's home Department (Psychology) has issued the following statement on misuse of psychologists’ work:

The Department of Psychology regards it as deeply unethical that any faculty member knowingly allow his/her work to be used to support groups that disseminate views of racial/ethnic superiority and/or racial/ethnic hatred. Moreover, in accordance with the American Psychological Association’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, we expect faculty to take all reasonable steps to prevent the misuse or misrepresentation of their work. We are concerned that psychological research has been used in the past in intellectually unjustifiable and socially harmful ways, such as limiting immigration of certain groups or justifying unequal opportunities in education and employment. We wish to make it clear that these uses are distortions of scholarship in the field.

AND, because of their “concerns about how Dr. MacDonald’s research is being used by extremist groups,” has also issued the following statement of disassociation:


“the department wishes to dissociate itself from the controversial writings of Dr. Kevin MacDonald.  We respect and defend his right to express his views, but we affirm that they are his alone and are in no way endorsed by the Department of Psychology at California State University, Long Beach”;


                  WHEREAS the Department of History has publically stated that:

“The prejudicial views expressed by Professor Kevin MacDonald in his writings and in his public statements are professionally irresponsible and morally untenable;” has characterized his approach to historical investigation as “antithetical to our discipline” and have written that “just as he has the freedom of speech to advance his white nationalist agenda so to, do we have the freedom of speech to deplore his prejudicial views of Jews and non-whites and state that Dr. MacDonald's writings on white ethnocentrism, Jews, race, and immigration do not enjoy the respect of the members of the Department of History”;


WHEREAS the Jewish Studies Program has characterized MacDonald's writing and public statements as “professionally irresponsible and morally untenable,” and has issued a statement in which they write that “Just as he has the freedom of speech to advance his white nationalist agenda, so too do we have the freedom of speech to deplore his prejudicial views of Jews and non-whites and state that Dr. MacDonald's writings on white ethnocentrism, Jews, race, and immigration do not enjoy the respect of many of his colleagues”;


                  WHEREAS the Department of Anthropology has stated that, “Kevin MacDonald’s use and patent abuse of many concepts central to anthropology and other disciplines -- race, social evolution, population genetics, endogamy and ethnocentrism -- to promote intolerance are of grave concern to us and can not be ignored. We wish to make it clear that we do not seek to impede Kevin MacDonald’s First Amendment rights; however, just as he has rights, we have the right, if not the obligation, to denounce his writings on race, ethnicity and intelligence that promote intolerance, as not only inaccurate, but as professionally irresponsible and morally untenable”;


                  WHEREAS  the Department of Linguistics has affirmed that, “We firmly and unequivocally disassociate ourselves from the positions on Jews, African-Americans, immigrants and other minority groups that he [Kevin MacDonald] has expressed in his writing and speech, and which have been widely used to legitimate the discriminatory agendas of a variety of hate groups who have associated themselves with his name”;



While the Academic Senate defends Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s academic freedom and freedom of speech, as it does for all faculty, it firmly and unequivocally disassociates itself from the anti-Semitic and white ethnocentric views he has expressed.


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