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Appendix A1:


Guidelines for Submission for the Outstanding Professor Award

(This information may be found in section 4.0 on the Policy on Faculty Awards, 12-06)

Purpose: The Outstanding Professor Award, established in 1980, is designed to encourage, reward, and publicly acknowledge outstanding professorial performance.  This award is the only award given by California State University, Long Beach that recognizes excellence in all three (3) of the following areas: instruction and instructionally-related activities, scholarly and creative activities, and professional service.  There are no more than three (3) awards granted annually.

Eligibility: Eligible candidates for the award are Unit 3 employees at the Associate level or above, or equivalent rank or range. A significant portion of the nominee's accomplishments must have been achieved while a faculty member at California State University, Long Beach. Past recipients of the Outstanding Professor Award at this University are not eligible for this award.

Nomination: Nominations for the Outstanding Professor Award may be submitted by university faculty, staff, administrators, students, and alumni/ae. Any nominator may nominate only one candidate for this award in a given academic year. The letter of nomination, signed by the nominator(s), shall identify the nominee and shall provide a brief rationale for the nomination. Nomination letters shall be submitted to the Academic Senate office.

Evaluation Criteria: A record of excellence, including the significance of the nominee's contributions, must be demonstrated in each area of professional responsibility: Instruction and Instructionally Related Activities, Scholarly and Creative Activities and Professional Service.

Submission: Nominees for this award shall be notified of their nomination and provided with guidelines by the Chair of the Academic Senate. Candidates who accept their nomination shall submit documentation to the Academic Senate Office that addresses the award criteria  (see application packet).

Nominees should submit:


• A completed Application Form;

• A 3-5 page summary statement highlighting the nominee’s accomplishments in all three (3) categories: teaching, scholarship, and service;

• A current curriculum vitae;

• One (1) set of exemplary teaching materials;

• One (1) example of recent scholarly/creative activity


Selection: The University Awards Committee shall evaluate the evidence submitted by each nominee. The name(s) of the award recipient(s) shall be forwarded to the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate.