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Appendix D1:


Guidelines for submission for the Nicholas Perkins Hardeman Academic Leadership Award

(This information may be found in section 9.0 of the Policy on Faculty Awards, 12-06)


Purpose: The Nicholas Perkins Hardeman Academic Leadership Award is designed to acknowledge publicly and reward significant contributions to the principle and practice of shared governance at California State University, Long Beach. The award shall be presented to the recipient at a scheduled Academic Senate meeting before the end of the spring semester.  The recipient of the Award shall be publicly recognized at the university's fall convocation.  There is only one (1) award granted annually.

History: This award was first presented on April 27, 1989 due to the generosity of an anonymous donor. The donor requested that the first recipient of the award be Professor Ben Cunningham, Journalism, and Chair of the Academic Senate. In 1991-92, based on an Academic Senate Resolution, it was renamed the Nicholas Perkins Hardeman Academic Leadership Award. Since 1993-94 the award has been given on behalf of the Presidents' Associates, since funds from the endowment given by the anonymous donor were no longer available.

Eligibility: All faculty, including emeriti faculty (within five [5] years of the date of retirement), with the exception of previous award recipients, are eligible. Nominees must have been employed by the University for a minimum of five (5) years.

Nomination: Nominations for the Hardeman Academic Leadership Award may be submitted by university faculty, staff, administrators, students, and alumni/ae. Nominators may nominate only one (1) candidate for this award in a given academic year. The letter of nomination, signed by the nominator(s), shall identify the nominee and shall provide a brief rationale for the nomination.    Nomination letters are due to the Academic Senate.

Evaluation Criteria: A candidate for this award shall have demonstrated exceptional leadership.

Submission:Nominees for this award are notified of their nomination and provided with application guidelines by the Chair of the Academic Senate. The candidates who accept their nomination shall submit an application and the required materials to the Academic Senate Office.

Materials should include:

•  A completed Application Form;

•  A current curriculum vitae;

•  A 3-5 page summary statement by the nominee highlighting contributions relevant to the award criteria; and

•  Up to a total of five (5) supporting documents that may include letters and/or evaluations that are signed by faculty,
students, administrators, and outside references.

Selection: The University Awards Committee shall evaluate the evidence submitted by each nominee. The Committee shall consider quality and uniqueness of contributions, not merely quantity of service. The name of the award recipient shall be forwarded to the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate. The selection of the award winner shall be announced by the Chair of the Academic Senate.