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Appendix B1:


Guidelines for Submission for the Distinguished Faculty Scholarly and Creative Achievement Award

(This information may be found in section 5.0 of the Policy on Faculty Awards, 12-06)

Purpose: The Distinguished Faculty Scholarly and Creative Achievement Award, established in 1982, is designed to encourage, reward, and publicly acknowledge sustained excellence in scholarly and creative achievement by members of the University’s faculty. The award recognizes excellence in the visual and performing arts, in the publication of scholarly work, in the completion of research and sponsored projects, and in the development of new and innovative ideas in research and problem solving. Normally, there are no more than three (3) awards granted annually.

Eligibility: All faculty are eligible for the award. Nominees must have been employed by the University for a minimum of five years. The award is based on a candidate's achievements while a faculty member of California State University, Long Beach.  A period of (10) years must have elapsed before a past recipient of this award is eligible for it again.

Nomination: Nominations for the Distinguished Faculty Scholarly and Creative Achievements Award may be submitted by university faculty, staff, administrators, students, and alumni/ae. Any nominator may nominate only one (1) candidate for this award in a given academic year. The letter of nomination, signed by the nominator(s), shall identify the nominee and shall provide a brief rationale for the nomination. Nomination letters shall be submitted to the Academic Senate Office.

Evaluation Criteria: A record of sustained excellence and the significance of the nominee's contributions must be demonstrated.


Submission: Nominees for this award are notified of their nomination and provided with application guidelines by the Chair of the Academic Senate. The candidates who accept their nomination shall submit an application and the required materials to the Dean of their college.

Materials needed for submission include:

• A completed Application Form;

• A 3-5 page summary statement by the nominee highlighting his/her scholarly and creative achievements in relation to the award criteria;

• A current curriculum vitae; and

• Up to 5 examples of scholarly and creative achievements.


Review and Ranking by the College Awards Committee. All applications received by the Dean shall be sent to the College Awards Committee. The College Awards Committee shall review and rank the submissions. The College Awards Committee shall then forward the nominees’ submitted materials, along with the Committee’s recommendation and ranking, to the Academic Senate Office.

College Award Committee: The membership of, and the mechanism for the selection of, a College’s Award Committee will be determined by the Faculty Council of that College.

Review by the University Awards Committee: The University Awards Committee shall make the final selection of the award recipient(s) from the ranked nominees forwarded by the College Awards Committees.  The name(s) of the award recipient(s) shall be forwarded to the Chair of the Academic Senate.