New Course Process

Originator Launches a New Course Proposal in Curriculog
using the New Course Form (link requires login)


Proposal is vetted by Department and College Committees and
the Academic Programs Office


New Course is entered into the
Curriculum Certification Process

 November - December


New Course is published in the following Fall's Catalog



Before You Start

Aside from the traditional course listing content such as title, prereqs/coreqs, and description, it would be helpful to have these before you start creating a new course in Curriculog:

  • Course Number
    • Ensure the number is not currently in use
    • Historically, the course number cannot have been used for five years. Users with Peoplesoft access will be able to look up historic information related to course numbers.
  • Committees: Does this new course need to go to a review of a certain committee within your college?
  • Topics: Is this a Topic Course (Type II or Type III)? The section for Generic Courses and Topics on the Course Information page describes topic courses.
  • Prerequisities and/or Corequisites
    • Is the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) going to be a prerequisite?
    • Are any of the prereq/coreqs a new course also being added during this cycle?
  • Typically Offered: What semester(s) will this new course be typically offered?
  • Contact Hours Statement: If your course will have atypical meeting practices or will meet for more hours each week then the number of units of the course, a contact hours statement is necessary to inform students.
  • Articulation: If you're creating a lower division course, will the course be articulated for transfer credits?
  • Replacement: Is this new course replacing a previously offered course?
  • Course Fees: If you are looking to establish a new course fee for the course, you'll need to contact your ASM for their procedures related to filling out a "Request to Establish a Course Fee" form.