Establish New Minor or Certificate Process

While the establishment of a new minor or certificate does not require formal approval from the California State University Chancellor's Office, it's best to consider that this could take over a year to go from initial proposal to publishing in the Catalog. Various calendars need to be taken into consideration (internal department/college committee meetings, Senate council/committee meetings, an early March publishing date for the CSULB Catalog). Please reach out with the initial draft of your proposal to the Vice Provost of Academic Programs and our office to loop us in.

Originator obtains approval from their department/college toward the establishment of a new minor or certificate.

Originator prepares a new minor/certificate packet, which includes:

Originator should also:

Originator submits new minor/certificate packet to the Vice Provost of Academic Programs ( and the Office of Academic Programs (

After feedback, revisions and approval, Academic Programs submits to the Academic Senate.

Reviewed    Feedback/Edits    Approved

Academic Senate Committees, the Curriculum and Educational Policies Committee (CEPC) and the University Resources Council (URC) review proposal. Originator and/or a department representative present their proposals.

Reviewed    Feedback/Edits    Approved

Upon URC and CEPC approval, the new minor is confirmed. Notice is forwarded to the Office of the Provost and the Office of the President. (Note, this process is effective Fall 2023. Submissions prior to this semester will go through full Senate approval.)

 The new Minor or Certificate will be published in the following Fall's Catalog