Course Change Process

Originator Launches a Course Change Proposal in Curriculog
using Course Change form (link requires login)


Proposal is vetted by Department and College Committees and
the Academic Programs Office


Course Change is entered into the
Curriculum Certification Process

 November - December


Course Changes are edited into the following Fall's Catalog






Before You Start

It could be helpful to know the following information prior to starting a course change form in Curriculog:

  • Course Number: Ensure number is not currently in use either in the active Catalog or in the Peoplesoft CMS.
  • List Changes: Bulletpoint what changes are being made (ie. Title, Units, Prereqs, etc.) and be sure provide clear rationale for change.
  • Committees: Does the changes made in the course need to go to a review of a certain committee within your college? If you don't know, then it's recommended to get in contact with your college curriculum coordinator.
  • Topics: Is this a Topic Course (Type II or Type III)? This handbook contains an explanation of topic type differences.
  • Prerequisites and or/Corequisites:
    • Is the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) going to be a prerequisite?
    • Are any of the prerequisites/corequisites new courses? Are they being added to the current cycle?
  • Typically Offered: What semester(s) will this new course be typically offered? Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter.
  • Contact Hours Statement: Please indicate if contact hours will be changing. While all contact hour statements are welcome, any offering where the weekly meeting hours exceed the number of units of the course – a contact hours statement is required.
  • Articulation: If the course is lower division, will the changes affect the current articulation? Or if there is no current articulation, will the changes support having an articulation?
  • Replacement: With the changes to the course - will it be replacing another course?
  • Course Fees: If you are looking to change the course fees, you will need to contact your ASM for their procedures related to filling out a "Request to Publish a Course Fee" Form.
  • Grading: Is the grading option changing? Options for grading include:
    • Credit/No Credit
    • Letter grade only (A-F)
    • Both grading options: Credit/No Credit and Letter Grade Only (A-F)
    • Report in Progress (RP)
  • Classification: Do the changes affect how the course is classified? Handbook Course classification Chart