Create a CPIE/Self-Support Version of a Stateside Program

Adapted from Executive Order 1099, section 11... Implementing a Self-Support Version of an Existing State-Support Program

Before implementing a self-support counterpart of a previously approved state-supported degree program (degree type and title), Chancellor's Office written approval is required. The proposal shall include:

  • Confirmation the existing state-support offering is not being supplanted;
  • of the program's qualification(s) to operate as a self-support special session (per EO 1099);
  • Rationale for the new support mode;
  • Detailed cost-recovery budget specifying student fees per unit and total student cost to complete the program;
  • Anticipated enrollment;
  • Campus commitment to provide adequate faculty resources; and
  • Anticipated impact on the existing state-support program.

Please see the CSU's guide to Adding Self-Support Counterpart of a Previously Approved State-Support Degree Program (PDF).

Important: submit the Substantive Change Form (DOC - with notes) to Sharlene Sayegh, the director or Program Review and Assessment. It's important to think of these changes and submit this form in advance, as both internal and externals reviews may have a queue that slows down the process.

Contact the Academic Programs Office ( with any applicable questions.