General Education

General Education is an important part of the undergraduate educational experience. It is, as the Association of American Colleges & Universities notes, a critical component of a “high quality education that develops intellectual and ethical capacities; expands cultural, societal, and scientific horizons; cultivates democratic and global knowledge and engagement, and prepares graduates for successful participation in a dynamic and rapidly evolving economy.” A well-planned General Education program of study will provide students with the skills they will need to excel in whatever disciplines and careers they choose to pursue.

The components of an undergraduate education include the Major, in which the student acquires depth of knowledge in a chosen discipline; Electives that allow a student to explore personal or career-related interests; and General Education, in which students develop competency in academic skills that are essential to student success. General Education offers students broad knowledge beyond the focus of the major, as well as exposure to the rich diversity of the human experience. General Education (sometimes referred to as GE) should foster habits of mind that lead to lifelong learning and prepare graduates for full and productive lives.

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