Articulation Best Practices

Articulation Offce information for CSULB Staff, Faculty and Administration

The Articulation Office manages course-to-course articulation requests. In accordance with campus sustainability efforts, now sends requests via e-mail with a copy to the appropriate Associate Dean. Please respond within 3 weeks, being sure to copy the Associate Dean on your response.

Decisions should be made based on the Course Outline of Record that accompanies the Articulation Request sent to departments by the Articulation Office. It is not appropriate to request a syllabus, or exemplars of student work. Syllabi might vary from semester to semester, as might the products of student work, just as can happen in our own courses. Courses must be acceptable “in lieu” of our course; they do not have to be exact matches.

Faculty have the right to deny a request based on the Course Outline. Denial decisions, however, must be accompanied by a thorough explanation of how the course cannot be accepted in lieu of a CSULB course. We must provide our Community College partners with a sound rationale for the decision. There are times when a Community College will want to alter their course and then resubmit it for consideration.

It is important to remember that Articulation is a valuable service to transfer students, who comprise a large percentage of our student population. We want to be sure that they can graduate in a timely fashion, without repeating lower division coursework.

GE Articulation Requests

Equivalency of General Area and Elective credit runs through CSULB Enrollment Services. Teams there work with departments to help students during the transfer admission process.


Articulation at CSULB Overview

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