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Official Student Program

The Program

A student must consult with the graduate advisor for the degree program to prepare a tentative program of study. After completing prerequisites and other requirements, the student must formulate an official program of study and then apply for advancement to candidacy.

Many departments will assign the student a faculty advisor with whom the student must also consult about preparing a program of study; other departments utilize their graduate advisors for this purpose. Either the faculty or graduate advisor will assist the student in preparing a program of study. Many departments will also require a special committee to advise a student, especially when either a thesis or project is involved. The program of study must be approved by the student's department and either the college dean or designee. Once approved, a student's program of study may not be changed without the express consent of all parties involved.

The student program must list the following:

  • 1. Courses required for removal of undergraduate deficiencies;
  • 2. All courses taken prior to advancement to candidacy which are to apply toward the 30-unit minimum;
  • 3. Required courses;
  • 4. Elective courses.

The official student program, when approved, serves as the basis for the Office of Enrollment Services' graduation audit which is required before the degree can be granted. Students who have not been advanced to candidacy are subject to all changes as published in the CSULB Catalog, Policy Statements, and certifications.

Graduate student programs may be revised as the student advances toward the degree. Such revisions must be recommended by the faculty advisor and approved by the departmental graduate advisor and the college dean or director of graduate studies.

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