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Requirements for Master's Degree

Applicants with a baccalaureate degree may gain admission to CSULB as a graduate student with either conditionally classified or classified status. Once admitted to CSULB in a graduate degree program, a student retains catalog rights for both the general university requirements and the specific requirements of the degree program unless the student breaks continuous enrollment. Breaking continuous enrollment severs catalog rights for both the university and program.

The receipt of a master's degree involves four major steps:

  • 1. Admission to CSULB and the academic unit granting the degree (department, college, etc.) as either a conditionally classified or classified graduate student;
  • 2. Completion of the requirements to achieve classified status if admitted in conditionally classified status;
  • 3. Preparation of a program of study and advancement to candidacy; and
  • 4. Fulfillment of all remaining requirements for the degree, major, and option, if any, resulting in graduation.

For more information, please see University Regulations Governing the Master’s Degree.

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