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Honors for Graduate Students

Graduate Dean's List

The Graduate Dean's List provides for university recognition of its most outstanding graduate students. Candidates for this honor will normally have completed all the coursework applicable to their graduate student programs at this university. The annual list is limited to one percent of the university's graduate enrollment. Those honored will be named in the Commencement Program and will receive a certificate from the administrator in charge of graduate programs or designee.

Departmental Graduate Student Honors

In recognition of outstanding graduate student achievements, departments may honor graduating master's and doctoral degree candidates by special recognition in the annual commencement ceremonies. The number of honors awarded by a department shall be limited to three students or five percent of graduates, whichever is larger. Departmental honors are usually restricted to students not otherwise recognized by university or college awards. These honors are normally conferred for excellence in and contributions to the discipline, including outstanding seminar papers, artistic exhibitions, special achievements in fieldwork, and in university committees and functions, as well as participation in scholarly and professional organizations resulting from student research.

University Course Listings
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