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Graduate Study in the International Programs

Students planning to participate and receive unit credit toward a master's degree in an International Program should consult with the graduate advisor in the department of their major and college dean or director of graduate studies before entering the degree program.

Graduate students who have not been admitted to candidacy for a master's degree and who participate in the International Programs may, upon their return to California State University, Long Beach, petition to have six units earned as resident credit in the International Programs included on their official student program for the master's degree. In no case may excess grade points earned in the International Programs be used to bring a grade-point deficiency at California State University, Long Beach to the required 3.0 (B) average.

Students admitted to candidacy for a master's degree who plan to participate in the International Program of Studies must obtain permission, prior to beginning their study abroad, to have units earned abroad applied toward satisfaction of their degree requirements. A candidate's petition to apply units earned abroad must be reviewed and recommended by the department offering the degree. The specific courses to be taken on the foreign campus, thesis research which is to be done abroad, or any other requirements such as examinations to be taken upon the student's return must be listed on the official student program. Usually no more than six units of credit may be transferred to apply toward the minimum 30 units for an advanced degree as a result of participation in the International Program of Studies, but a maximum of 12 units may be allowed by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies or his/her designee in consultation with the University Graduate Council in a special case.

A copy of the candidate's graduate student program must be forwarded to the Resident Director for the foreign area, who must certify that any credit earned abroad is appropriate to meet graduate degree requirements.

Pending the faculty's evaluation of the student's work, a Report Delayed (RD) grade will be assigned in all courses in which work was completed abroad and which are offered to satisfy requirements toward an advanced degree.

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