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Sexual assault violations often result in physical harm, psychological harm, or both. Even if the victim decides not to report the incident to authorities, it is urged that the victim seek medical and counseling assistance for potential emotional trauma and the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases.

  • The University Counseling and Psychological Services provides crisis counseling as well as ongoing assistance to students who have experienced sexual assault; BH 226, (562) 985-4001,
  • The University Student Health Center offers routine medical examinations, including pregnancy tests and tests for sexually transmitted diseases; (562) 985-4771.
  • The University Women's Gender and Equity Center provides support, resource materials, and referrals to community services women and men, LA1-102, (562) 985-8576,
  • S.A.R.T (Sexual Assault Response Team) The University Police is an active participant of the Long Beach S.A.R.T. process. This process offers individual forensic exams to victims of sexual assault and child molestation. Coordination is with University Police, Long Beach Police Department, District Attorney's office, a forensic nurse and a rape crisis counselor. The police dispatcher activates the S.A.R.T process after the officers have connected with the victim. The University Police may be reached by calling (562) 985-4101 or 9-1-1. S.A.R.T. is located at Long Beach Community Hospital. A victim may be driven to Long Beach Community Hospital, 1720 Termino Ave., Long Beach, for the S.A.R.T. services. The emergency room staff will contact S.A.R.T. directly.

Additionally, referrals are available through the following non-university agencies:

  • YWCA GLA Sexual Assault Crisis Program
    (877) 943-5778
  • East LA Rape and Battery Hotline
    (800) 585-6231
  • Rape Crisis Hotlines – Orange County
    (949) 831-9110 and (714) 957-2737
  • The Rape Treatment Center – Santa Monica Hospital, (310) 319-4000
  • Safe At Home Confidential Address Program

Also, Counseling and Psychological Services office maintain lists of referrals within the community which deal with the issues of rape and sexual assault crisis, including legal, medical, and therapeutic support services. The phone number for the Counseling and Psychological Services office is (562) 985-4001.

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