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General Policies

Security on Campus

Campus Security Act

California State University, Long Beach University Police, obtains its powers to arrest from the California Penal Code and the California Education Code.

Reporting Emergencies on Campus

The on-campus emergency phone number is 9-1-1. The non-emergency phone number is (562) 985-4101. Any problems concerning behavior of members of the campus community, thefts, vandalism, fire, and all related matters should immediately be brought to the attention of the University Police.

Procedures for Reporting Crimes on Campus

Whenever students or employees become victims of a crime while on the campus of CSULB, or whenever they have witnessed a crime or feel that there is a possibility that a crime is about to occur, they should notify University Police as soon as possible by calling 911 from their cell phone or nearest telephone.There are also numerous emergency phones located throughout the campus and parking lots, which are direct lines to the University Police dispatcher. Contact University Police by simply locating the nearest emergency phone or by using the emergency phone that is located in all elevators. Individuals may also contact the mobile police units that patrol the campus on a 24-hour schedule. Parking enforcement officers also patrol the parking lots and have direct radio contact with the police dispatcher and the mobile police units. The University Police is located at the far east end of campus, between parking lot "11" and parking lot "9" on Palo Verde Avenue. The Department is open 24 hours a day to respond to any call for service or to any emergency.

Opening Classrooms

Custodians are responsible for unlocking all outside doors and classrooms which do not contain equipment (audiovisual, computers, etc.) at 7:00 am. University Police personnel are responsible for opening buildings on weekends and holidays. Persons requesting a door opened must have proper authorization. Questions of interpretation and special access matters should be directed to University Police.

Security of Buildings

Personnel who require regular access to specific buildings and rooms may request keys. Requests must be approved by the appropriate department and, for some facilities, by the appropriate administrator. Individuals granted special access to rooms and buildings must assume personal responsibility for facilities and equipment during the time they are using these facilities and equipment and must ensure that the door is locked at the conclusion of work.

University Police will ensure that all buildings are secured every night. An individual desiring to remain in a building after normal closing hours is required to notify University Police.

A faculty or staff member who does not have a key but who requires access to a particular building or room after normal instructional or working hours must present proper identification to University Police before being given access to the building. Graduate Assistants and other students who require entrance to a building during other than normal hours must have proper identification and prior approval in writing from the appropriate administrator. They must be in possession of a copy of written permission and approval from their appropriate administrator.

Anyone who has difficulty in gaining authorized access to an area or who needs assistance in securing a building or room should contact University Police.

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