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Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act

Access crime statistics for CSULB: These are mandated statistics known as the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. Hard copies of this brochure may be obtained from CSULB Police Department's main station located on the southern end of parking lot 11, 1250 Bellflower Blvd, or from the police substation located in the University Student Union room, 237. This report is also available on the University Police web site at, and can be downloaded in the PDF format. This report is prepared in cooperation with the Police agencies surrounding our main campus and our alternate sites, Housing and Residential Life, the Judicial Affairs Office and the Division of Student Services. Each entity provides updated information on their educational efforts and programs to comply with the Act.

The following are among the options available to a victim and more than one option may be exercised:

1. Criminal Prosecution: University Police - (562) 985-4101 Emergency: 9-1-1

2. Civil Action: Consult an attorney.

3. University Disciplinary Process, where accused is:

  • A. Faculty: Academic Employee Relations
    (562) 985-5208; BH-300
  • B. Staff: Staff Human Resources
    (562) 985-4128; BH-303

4. Informal Mediation: Office of the University Ombuds (562) 985-5983; FND-140.

5. Alternative Campus Housing Assignments: Director, Housing (562) 985-4187; Housing Office

6. Academic Assistance:

  • A. Counseling and Psychological Services
    (562) 985-4001; BH 226
  • B. Women's and Gender Equity Center (562) 985-8576; LA1-102
  • C. Academic Advising Center (562) 985-4837; Horn Center, Room 103

In the event there are requests for information from the press, concerned students, parents, and others, prudence will be exercised, and when required by law, confidentiality will be maintained. When appropriate, only the Department Director (for matters strictly within the Director's purview), or the University Director of Public Affairs (for inquiries by the media), will respond.

Victims are advised that there could likely be a need to identify both the victim and the assailant in the course of investigation and hearings under University student disciplinary proceedings, as well as under employee disciplinary proceedings, or criminal prosecutions. In the case of student disciplinary actions against an assailant, the victim is required to be promptly notified by the Director, Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development of the status of the proceedings, and the general terms of the disposition.

Persons are reminded of the importance of preserving such evidence as may be necessary to the proof of criminal sexual assault. With respect to sexual assault involving student discipline, both the accused and the accuser are entitled to have an advisor present during a campus disciplinary proceeding, and to be informed of the outcome of the campus student disciplinary proceeding. Student victims of sexual assault may request changes in academic and living arrangements precipitated by the offense where such changes are reasonably available.

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