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Disposition of Fees - Campus Emergency - Interim Suspension

41302. Disposition of Fees; Campus Emergency; Interim Suspension

The President of the campus may place on probation, suspend or expel students for one or more of the causes enumerated in Section 41301. No fees or tuition paid by or for such students for the semester, quarter, or summer session in which they are suspended or expelled will be refunded. If the students are readmitted before the close of the quarter, or summer session in which they are suspended, no additional tuition or fees will be required on account of the suspension.

During periods of campus emergency, as determined by the President of the individual campus, the President may, after consultation with the Chancellor, place into immediate effect any emergency regulations, procedures, or measures deemed necessary or appropriate to meet the emergency, to safeguard persons and property, and to maintain educational activities.

The President may immediately impose an interim suspension in all cases in which there is reasonable cause to believe that such an immediate suspension is required in order to protect lives or property and to insure the maintenance of order. A student so placed on interim suspension will be given prompt notice of charges and the opportunity for a hearing within ten days of the imposition of interim suspension. During the period of interim suspension, the student shall not, without prior written permission of the President or designated representative, enter any campus of The California State University other than to attend the hearing. Violation of any condition of interim suspension will be grounds for expulsion.

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