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Fees and Financial Assistance

Special Circumstance Refunds

There are two levels of financial appeals. They are as follows:

1. Request for Refunds After Published Deadlines:

Students who withdraw or drop in units after the deadlines detailed in the Schedule of Classes have passed, may appeal for a Special Circumstances Refund ( based on the following:

  • A. Campus Variation
  • B. Compulsory Military Service
  • C. Death of Student
  • D. Fees Collected in Error

Further information regarding Special Circumstances Refunds by calling the Student Account Services Office at (562) 985-8280.

2. Financial Appeals Independent Review Committee (F.A.I.R.)

If a student wishes to petition the decision made at the first appeal level, a written request must be submitted to the F.A.I.R. Committee (BH 155) for review.

This Committee has been approved by the President as the final financial appeal level. It consists of representatives from various University Offices. F.A.I.R. will only review appeals for the current academic year.

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