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Fees and Financial Assistance

Grants and Fellowships

Educational Opportunity Program Grants

EOP grants are provided by the State of California for undergraduate students who are admitted to a CSU campus through the Educational Opportunity Program and demonstrate the same need criteria as federal financial aid. For further information, contact the EOP Admissions Office at (562) 985-4288 or, or at the EOP Office at LA1-103.

State University Grant (FAFSA & Dream Act Applicants)

The State University Grant is funded by the State of California to assist students whose ability to attend postsecondary institutions is jeopardized due to financial constraints. The award covers up to the amount of the State Tuition Fee. Students must be residents of California, demonstrate financial need, and be assessed state tuition fees to be eligible for this award.

Please review the complete CSULB State University Grant Policy (including lifetime eligibility limitations) at

Graduate Research Fellowships

The Graduate Research Fellowship is funded by the California State University to graduate students who have experienced educational or economic disadvantages or hardships. Applicants must be California residents, demonstrate financial need and be accepted into or continuing in a full-time graduate program. Limited awards are made through a competitive process.

University Course Listings
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