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Bachelor of Music - Option in History and Literature (132 units)


Take the following course:

  • MUS 129 taken each semester in residence until successful completion of Upper-Division Screening Examination in applied music (a minimum of 4 units is required).

Take all of the following courses:

  • MUS 423C Music History Senior Thesis (1)
    Prerequisites: MUS 360, MUS 374, MUS 496 and consent of Director of Music History.
  • MUS 496 Research Methods (3)
    Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Take 6 units from the following courses:

  • MUS 363, MUS 364, MUS 393, MUS 468

Take 15 units from the following courses:

  • MUS 428, MUS 441, MUS 467, MUS 469, MUS 471 (repeatable to 6 units), MUS 478, MUS 492A, MUS 492B, MUS 493 (repeatable to 6 units), MUS 400R, MUS 400S (repeatable to 3 units).

Completion of the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music Foreign Language Examination in French, German or Italian (may be waived by completion of 101B level course in French, German or Italian).

Take 3 units of upper-division coursework outside music, under advisement, to be related to Senior Thesis topic or include foreign language literature classes.

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