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Bachelor of Music - Option in Composition (132 units)


Take the following course:

  • MUS 129 to be taken each semester in residence until successful completion of the Upper-Division Screening Examination in applied music (4 unit minimum and 6 unit maximum).

Take all of the following courses:

  • MUS 244A Composition Workshop I (2)
    Prerequisite: MUS 142A and consent of instructor.
  • MUS 244B Composition Workshop II (2)
    Prerequisites: MUS 244A and consent of instructor.
  • MUS 326 Conducting (2)
    Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.
  • MUS329X Individual Instruction for Music Majors (2) Prerequisite: Successful completion of Upper-Division
    Screening Exam on applied instrument or voice.
  • MUS 344 Composition (2)
    Prerequisites: MUS 244A-B; Corequisite MUS 329X.
  • MUS 423B Senior Composition Recital (1)
    Prerequisites: Senior standing and consent of instructor.
  • MUS 444 Advanced Composition (2)
    Prerequisites: MUS 344; Corequisite: MUS 329X.

Take 14 units from the following courses (at least 3 units must be selected from MUS 370, MUS 447, MUS 455, MUS 456, MUS 457 or MUS 497E):

  • MUS 200B, MUS 272A, MUS 329X (may be repeated multiple times), MUS 370, MUS 371A, MUS 371B, MUS 393, MUS 400B, MUS 411A, MUS 411B, MUS 422, MUS 425, MUS 441, MUS 442, MUS 443, MUS 444, MUS 455, MUS 456, MUS 457, MUS 458, MUS 474, MUS 497D-E-G, and THEA 449.

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