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Music - The Bob Cole Conservatory of Music

Bob Cole Conservatory Website

Director: Carolyn Bremer

Conservatory Office: University Music Center (UMC), Room C306

Telephone: (562) 985-4781


Faculty: David Anglin, Jermie Arnold, Edward Atkatz, John T. Barcellona, Richard P. Birkemeier (Emeritus), Carolyn Bremer, Ray Briggs, John A. Carnahan, Shun-Lin Chou, Alicia Doyle, Rob Frear, Christine Guter, H. Martin Herman, Roger C. Hickman, Jeff Jarvis, Johannes Mueller-Stosch, Donald J. Para (Emeritus), Alan Shockley, Moni Simeonov, Jonathan Talberg, Raymond Torres-Santos, Leland Vail (Emeritus), Daniel Zanutto


  • Undergraduate: Leland Vail
  • Graduate Advisor: Alicia Doyle
  • Credential Advisor: Daniel Zanutto

Applied Music

Contact the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music for a complete list of applied faculty or visit the conservatory's website at

Administrative Coordinator: Stacia Ticer

Students desiring information should contact the Conservatory office for referral to one of the faculty advisors: Undergraduate Advisor, Music Education (credential) Advisor or Graduate Advisor.

Career Possibilities

Performer • Choral Director • Instrumental Conductor • Music Teacher • Music Director • Composer/Arranger • Copyist • Musical Instrument Sales Representative • Music Librarian • Music Critic • Music Editor • Performing Arts Manager (Some of these, and other careers, require additional education or experience. For more information, see


The undergraduate music curriculum provides programs for the student: who wishes to become a professional musician; who wishes to enter the teaching profession; for whom music is part of a general education; or who is intending to pursue an advanced degree in music.

All entering freshmen and transfer students are required to take a theory placement test and performance audition which are regularly administered in Spring and Fall and are also available at the beginning of registration week each semester. Each entering student should inquire at the Conservatory office for dates and details. In addition, new students are required to meet with the advisor prior to registration.

Each music major must declare a specialization in some performance area (voice, piano, or other orchestral instrument), develop ability in this area, appear in student recitals, and demonstrate progress to the satisfaction of the faculty. NOTE: Due to admissions limitations, the conservatory does not provide instruction in acoustic guitar. A limited number of jazz guitar students will be admitted each year.

All undergraduate music majors are required to pass a screening examination in applied music on their primary instrument or voice before advancement to upper division applied study. This Upper Division Screening Exam (UDSE) will cover repertoire that is determined by each applied area. Specific information regarding the test may be obtained in the Conservatory office or from the advisor. The exam will be administered at a regular jury after four (4) semesters of applied study, however transfer students may elect to take it earlier. Failure to pass the exam will result in automatic suspension of all music conservatory scholarship aid and continued applied study.

Each student must pass a piano proficiency examination regardless of the performance area (piano majors excepted). Detailed information may be obtained in the Conservatory office.

All music majors must audition for, and perform in, a major performance organization (MUS 100/300) each semester and the ensemble must be approved by the Conservatory.

The Bob Cole Conservatory of Music offers graduate study leading to the Master of Arts or Master of Music degrees. The candidate should arrange for counseling with the Graduate Advisor through the Conservatory office. Special placement examinations or auditions are required to validate qualifications for graduate work in music.

All general requirements of the University must be met in addition to conservatory requirements listed below.

California State University, Long Beach is an accredited Institutional Member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), 11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 21, Reston, VA 20190, phone: 703-437-0700).

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