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300. Writing in the Arts (3)

Prerequisites: Must have attempted and failed the WPE once, major in a COTA department, junior standing, and consent of instructor.
Multi-disciplinary elective that may be used to fulfill the GWAR. Analysis and practice of writing for and about the arts, including the visual arts, dance, design, film, music and theatre. Exploration of critical thought in the arts while practicing writing skills.
Credit/No Credit grading only. May be used to satisfy the GWAR.

400. Introduction to Interdisciplinary Arts: Theory and Practicum (3)

Prerequisites: Junior, Senior or Graduate Standing. Students must receive a recommendation from department faculty.
An introduction to interdisciplinary arts practices and historical contexts through exploration, collaboration, artistic process, social practice, and/or community engagement. Visual art, dance, design, film, fine art, literature, music, performance, and theater are included.
Letter Grade only (A-F).

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