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Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies

This certificate is primarily directed toward graduate students in Art History and the visual arts, but does not exclude students in other fields. The specifically tracked course of study has an emphasis placed primarily on contemporary art.

A student may pursue the Certificate in Museum Studies as a program of study in itself, or in combination with a program of study directed toward the achievement of one of the school's degrees. A student may, with approval of both the Museum Studies Program and the student's Project or Thesis Committee, count up to 15 units of coursework toward both the degree and the certificate.

Admission to the program is by permission of the Museum Studies faculty and the head of the Art History Program. Applicants wishing to pursue the Certificate Program in Museum Studies should apply for the desired degree program during the regular School of Art graduate application window and should indicate interest in pursuing the Certificate Program in Museum Studies concurrently.

Applicants wishing to pursue the Certificate Program in Museum Studies separate from a degree program should contact the School of Art Graduate Advisor.

This certificate program is eligible for Financial Aid. Please see the school website for required Federal disclosure information.


A total of 18 units to include:

Take all of the following courses:

  • AH 530 Introduction to Curatorial Practices (3)
    Prerequisites: AH 111A, AH 111B, or consent of instructor.
  • AH 531 History of Museums and Exhibition (3)
    Prerequisites: Graduate standing in Art or Art History, or consent of instructor.
  • AH 545A Museum-Gallery Practices (3)
    Prerequisites: Graduate standing or consent of instructor.
  • AH 545B Museum-Gallery Practices (3)
    Prerequisites: AH 545A or consent of instructor.

Take 6 units of upper division or seminar in Art History.

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