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572A,B,C. Intern Student Teaching (5,5,5)

Corequisite: EDSS 473.
Prerequisite: Admission to the Single Subject Intern Program; offer of intern teaching position from a cooperating school district; submission of application to student teach by the deadline (October 1 for Spring term; March 1 for Summer and Fall terms); passage of CBEST; character and identification clearance (fingerprint clearance); completion of all program course work; demonstration of subject matter competence; portfolio assessment required in selected programs; approval for advancement to intern student teaching by the Credential Advisor and University Coordinator of the Single Subject Credential Program.
Use of the intern's teaching position as student teaching. Must be done in the subject that is authorized on the intern's credential. Interns must be approved by the program for contract positions in cooperating school districts.
Credit/No Credit grading only ("B" or "B" quality work required for credit). May be repeated to a maximum of 10 units. Course fee may be required. Information on fees related to this course can be found here.

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