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Single Subject Teacher Education Program

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University Coordinator: Jared Stallones

Office: Teacher Preparation Advising Center (EED-67)

Telephone: (562) 985-5325


Assistant to the Coordinator: Helen Carcamo

Credential Advisors: Jessica Blague, Adriane Howze, Elodia Montano

Subject Area Coordinators

  • Kathleen Keirn (English Education)
  • Cynthia Leathers (Languages Other Than English Education)
  • Vikki Bisorca (Health Science Education)
  • Laurie Gatlin (Art Education)
  • Tim Williamson (Science Education)
  • Tim Keirn (Social Science Education)
  • Dan Zanutto (Music Education)
  • Emyr Williams (Physical Education)
  • Angelo Segalla (Mathematics Education)


The Single Subject Credential Program (SSCP) prepares university students to be teachers in California. A teacher with a Single Subject Credential is authorized to teach the specific subject(s) named on the credential in departmentalized schools. This is commonly done in California high schools and junior high schools. However, teachers authorized for single subject instruction may be assigned to teach any subject in their authorized fields at any grade level: pre-school, kindergarten and grades one through twelve; or in classes organized primarily for adults. At CSULB the program includes courses in the student's teaching subject area, in general secondary education (EDSE), and in subject specific education (EDSS). Program requirements aresubject to change to align with changes in California Commission o Teacher Credentialing (CTC) regulations. For further program information visit*

*The Single Subject Credential is offered in the following subjects: Art, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, English, Geosciences, Health Sciences, World Languages, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Social Science.

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