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The Education Specialist ITEP Pathway allows students to work toward a Preliminary Education Specialist Credential while completing their MSCP ITEP requirements. Students should formally apply to the Education Specialist Credential program at the same time they apply to the MSCP. Education Specialist ITEP students must complete all ITEP program requirements, taking EDSP 454 in Area I, Group 6, and EDP 301 in Area VI, Group 4. Education Specialist ITEP students must complete all MSCP ITEP credential coursework and requirements as well with the following exception: Students will complete only one semester of student teaching in a general education classroom instead of two.

Education Specialist ITEP students will then complete all Education Specialist Preliminary credential coursework and Field Study as listed below:

  • EDP 405 Classroom Management
    Prerequisites: None.
  • EDSP 480 Foundations of Inclusive Education
    Prerequisite: Admission to Education Specialist Credential Program.
  • EDSP 534 Collaboration and Transition
    Prerequisites: Full admittance to Education Specialist Credential Program or ITEP, and successful completion of EDSP 480.
  • EDSP 564 Assessment and Evaluation
    Prerequisites: Admission to the Education Specialist Credential Program or consent of instructor.
  • EDP 560 Behavior Analysis and Interventions
    Prerequisite: ED P 405.
  • EDSP 577 or 578 Instructional Methods and Strategies: Mild/Moderate or Moderate/Severe
  • EDSP 587B or 588B Advanced Field Study and Seminar: Education Specialist Credential in Mild/Moderate or Moderate/Severe Disabilities

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