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Admission to the Multiple Subject Credential

Prior to enrollment in credential methods courses, ITEP students must be formally admitted into the Multiple Subject Credential Program (MSCP). Students should apply to the MSCP during the semester prior to enrolling in method courses. All candidates are required to comply with all program policies and procedures detailed on the MSCP website at Pre-program advisement and brochure materials are available in the Teacher Preparation Advising Center (EED-67). Prospective candidates should obtain a program application ITEP imformation meetings are held each semester. See schedule at Applicants must:

1. Complete EDEL 200 with a minimum grade of "B."

2. Attain a grade point average of at least 2.67 in all baccalaureate course work or a grade point average of at least 2.75 in the last 60 semester or 90 quarter units attempted.

3. Complete and pass an interview with department faculty.

4. Submit one letter of recommendation.

5. Submit EDEL 200 Final Fieldwork Evaluation

6. Submit a typed personal statement describing why you have chosen teaching as a career, what you hope to accomplish as a teacher, and how you view the role of the teacher.

7. Submit a negative tuberculosis skin test taken within the last 4 years or chest X-ray taken within the last eight years. Tuberculosis clearance must be valid through student teaching.

8. Submit one photocopy of all university and/or college transcripts.

9. Submit proof of meeting the basic skills requirement. For information regarding basic skills, options, visit

10. Demonstrate proficiency in reading and writing English by (1) attaining the minimum passing score of 37 on the reading portion of the CBEST and by (2) attaining the minimum passing score of 37 on the writing portion of the CBEST exam. (Passage of CBEST is required to advance to student teaching.) For alternatives means of demonstrating proficiency in reading and writing English contact the Teacher Preparation Advising Center.

11. Attach a copy of a Certificate of Clearance, or a photocopy of a California emergency/substitute teaching permit.

12. Demonstrate ability to communicate orally in English at the level required of public school teachers by demonstration of English production skills in the course EDEL 200 and through an oral interview with department faculty. In the case of candidates for a Bilingual Authorization Multiple Subject Credential, there is a bilingual interview requirement in English and the target language.

13. Demonstrate character and personality traits that satisfy the standards of the teaching profession and suitable aptitude for teaching in public schools through the application documentation, the personal interview, and performance in the course EDEL 200. Candidates must continue to demonstrate appropriate character and personality traits through completion of the program.

14. Submit the application packet, including documentation, by April 1 to begin pedagogy courses in summer, June 1 to begin pedagogy courses in fall terms, and November 1 to begin pedagogy courses in winter or spring terms. Applications will accepted after the deadline on a space available basis.

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