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Professional Administrative Services Credential - Tier II (code 502)

Certification under the Professional Administrative Services Credential (Tier II) authorizes the candidate to serve in any position requiring the Administrative Services Credential. The Professional Credential cannot be pursued until the candidate is employed in a position requiring an administrative credential. The program requirements must be completed within the five year authorization of the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. Once issued, the Professional Credential is valid for five years and is renewable subject to fulfillment of professional development requirements.


1. Possession of a valid Preliminary Administrative Services Credential;

2. Written verification of employment in an administrative position by an educational agency.


1. Program application and evidence that prerequisites have been met.

2. Current resume.

3. Personal narrative describing philosophy of leadership and academic and professional goals while in the program.

4. Copy of valid Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

5. Written evidence of mentor's commitment to work with the candidate for the duration of the program.

6. Personal contact (phone, email, in person) with program coordinator prior to program application.


This program is currently being revised. Please contact the program coordinator for advisement.

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