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Teacher Librarian Services Credential (code 700)

The 27-unit credential program in Teacher Librarian Services prepares students for service as a teacher librarian, grades PK-adult, in the State of California. The coursework can also be applied to the Masters of Arts in Education, Option in Educational Technology and Media Leadership.


1. Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.

2. Minimum 3.00 overall grade point average in last degree (not credential or certificate) earned from an accredited institution of higher education. Applicants whose overall GPA is less than 3.00 but meet the University minimum GPA requirement and who present compelling evidence of academic and professional potential either through recent academic performance and/or experiential background, may be considered for admission at the discretion of the program admission committee.

3. Valid California teaching credential.

4. Passage of California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) or equivalent.

5. International applicants have additional university application requirements including meeting the English language proficiency requirement. Please visit The Center for International Education (CIE) website at for more information.


Candidates must apply separately to both the university and the program by posted deadlines. Applications should be submitted at the same time. The application for Graduate Admission to the University is available online through CSU Mentor ( One complete set of official transcripts must be submitted with the university application. This set of transcripts will be used to determine grade point average eligibility. Failure to submit transcripts in a timely manner will result in a delayed review of the application.
A separate application to the School Psychology program must be submitted to the College of Education Graduate Studies Office (EED-7). An application and directions can be downloaded from the College of Education website ( The program application does not require a set of transcripts. After an initial paper screening, select applicants are invited for an interview with program faculty.


1. Complete the following core courses (24 units):

  • ETEC 510 Foundations of Educational Technology and Media (3)
    Prerequisite: Either ETEC 411, ETEC 444, equivalent experience satisfying the California Level I computer technology standard, or consent of instructor.
  • ETEC 523 Information and Digital Literacies (3)
    Prerequisites: ETEC 444 or equivalent experience satisfying California Level I computer technology standard.
  • ETEC 525 Digital Culture and Society (3)
    Prerequisites: None
  • ETEC 530 Leadership in Technology and Media (3)
    Prerequisites: ETEC 523, or consent of the instructor.
  • ETEC 540 Organization of Resources (3)
    Prerequisites: None
  • ETEC 551 Education and the Internet (3)
    Prerequisites: Either ETEC 411, ETEC 444, equivalent experience satisfying the California Level I computer technology standard, or consent of instructor.
  • ETEC 570 E-Learning Design and Development (3)
    Prerequisite: ETEC 523 or consent of instructor.
  • ELIB 530A Library Media Materials for Elementary Grades (K-5) (3)
    Prerequisites: None

2. Field Experience (3 units):

  • ETEC 580 Field Experience in Educational Technology (3)
    Prerequisites: ETEC 523 and either ETEC 530, EDP 520 or EDP 595.

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