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Applications to Credential Programs

Program requirements subject to change to align with changes in CTC requirements.


Candidates must apply separately to both the university and the program by posted deadlines. Applications should be submitted at the same time.

The application for Graduate Admission to the University is available online through CSUMentor ( One complete set of official transcripts must be submitted with the university application. This set of transcripts will be used to determine grade point average eligibility. Failure to submit transcripts in a timely manner will result in a delayed review of the application.

A separate application to the selected credential program must be submitted to the College of Education Graduate Studies Office (EED-7) or to the Teacher Preparation and Advising Center (EED-67) for the Preliminary Specialist Education Credential. A PPS and CLear Credential program application and directions can be downloaded at The program application does not require a set of transcripts. Deadlines for submitting an application for programs vary. Refer to the online directions for specific dates.

Pupil Personnel Services

The College of Education offers two of the three Pupil Personnel Services Credential programs issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC): School Counseling and School Psychology.

School Psychology Credential: Please see Education Specialist in School Psych.

Advanced Studies in Education and Counseling

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  • Graduate Certificate in Applied Disability Studies


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