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Master of Science in Science Education - Option in Informal Science Education

This option is aimed at educators currently working in non-classroom settings such as museums, zoos, and nature centers, as well as those charged with fostering the public understanding of science.

Program of Study

The Program of Study (33 units) includes the successful completion of:

1. Take all the following Science Education core courses:

  • SCED 550 Current Issues and Research in Science Education (3)
    Prerequisite: Admission to M.S. in Science Education program.
  • SCED 551 Science Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Models (3)
    Prerequisites: Admission to M.S. in Science Education program and SCED 550 or prior consent of instructor.
  • SCED 552 Nature of Science (3)
    Prerequisites: Admission to M.S. in Science Education program and SCED 550.
  • SCED 553 Science Learning in Informal Settings (3)
    Prerequisite: Admission to Science Education M.S. program; consent of instructor.
  • SCED 560 Science Education Research Methods (3)
    Prerequisites: Admission to the M.S. in Science Education Program.
  • SCED 697 Directed Research (1-3)
    Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and admission to M.S. in Science Education program.

2. Take 6 units of science courses from the following:

  • SCED 500, SCED 501, SCED 502, or other graduate-level science courses chosen in consultation with an advisor

3. Take 3 units non-profit management or other related course from the following:

  • REC 521, REC 528, or other courses in consultation with an advisor

4. Take 3 units elective, chosen in consultation with advisor

5. Take the following course:

  • SCED 698 Thesis (1-3)
    Prerequisites: Advancement to Candidacy for the M.S. in Science Education, 18 units of coursework required for M.S. Science Education completed, and consent of the chair of the thesis committee.

Advancement to Candidacy

1. A student must be designated as a Classified Student in good standing prior to advancing to candidacy.

2. A student must satisfy the general requirements of the University, including fulfilling the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirements (GWAR).

3. The student's M.S. program must be approved by a faculty graduate advisor, the department graduate advisor, the department chair, and the Associate Dean in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics or designee.

4. Advancement to candidacy may take place upon satisfactory completion of six units in the M.S. program. A student must have been advanced to candidacy before initiating formal thesis research necessary to complete the M.S. degree.

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