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Department Chair: Lisa Martin-Hansen

Department Office: Hall of Science (HSCI) 205

Telephone/FAX: (562) 985-4801/985-7164


Faculty: Alan Colburn, Susan Gomez-Zwiep, Laura Henriques, Thomas Kelty, James Kisiel, Lisa Martin-Hansen, William Straits


  • Single Subject Science Credential: Tim Williamson

Graduate Advisor: Alan Colburn, James Kisiel

Administrative Support Coordinator: Natalia Mora


The department maintains close ties with teachers, schools and informal science institutions in the greater Long Beach area. It undertakes projects aimed at pre-K through university students. From the Head Start on Science project which develops a "sense of wonder" and excitement preschool and Kindergarten children, their teachers and parents to outreach and professional development for inservice elementary and secondary teachers, and support for preservice teachers and informal science educators, the department hosts a wide variety of grants and projects impacting the entire preK-16 and informal science education community. The department sponsors the Young Scientists' Camp programs, research seminars and the Association of Future Science Educators (AFSE) which is student chapter of California Science Teachers Association/National Science Teachers Association.

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