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Satisfying the Entry-Level Math (ELM) requirement (see "Undergraduate Programs" section of this catalog) is a prerequisite for all statistics courses.

108. Statistics for Everyday Life (3)

Prerequisite: Appropriate ELM score, ELM exemption, or MAPB 7 or MAPB 11 or MAPB 12.
Exploratory data analysis, methods of visualizing data, descriptive statistics, misuse and manipulation of data in statistical analysis, probability, binomial and normal distributions, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression, contingency tables.
Not open for credit to students with credit in MATH 108, MATH 180, MATH 380; or MTED 105, 205. (Lecture 3 hrs.)

118. Introductory Business Statistics (3)

Prerequisite: Appropriate ELM score, ELM exemption, or MAPB 11.
Sampling methods, data collection, organizing and visualizing, descriptive statistics, random variables, probability distributions, point and interval estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation, regression, contingency tables, applications in business, finance, econometrics, and marketing research.
(Lecture 3 hours)

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