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Certificate in Religious Studies

Please be aware that this program is not eligible for Financial Aid unless pursued concurrently with a degree program.


A bachelor's degree with a major in a traditional discipline. The Religious Studies Certificate is organized into four areas of study. Religious Texts examines texts from the world's religious traditions and their historical and cultural contexts. Religious Traditions (Group A) includes coursework in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and Religious Traditions (Group B), coursework in Buddhism, the religions of Japan, the religions of South Asia, the religions of Southeast Asia, and indigenous religions. The fourth area of study is Religion in the Contemporary World.

A minimum of 24 units in Religious Studies:

Lower Division:

A minimum of six units selected from the following:

  • R/ST 100, R/ST 101, R/ST 111, R/ST 200, R/ST 201, R/ST 202, R/ST 208, R/ST 210, R/ST 230, R/ST 240

Upper Division:

A minimum of 18 upper-division units, with at least one course selected from each of the following four course areas:

Religious Texts:

  • R/ST 311, R/ST 312, R/ST 313A, 313B, R/ST 318, R/ST 318, R/ST 319, R/ST 320A, R/ST 320B, R/ST 322, R/ST 375, R/ST 376, R/ST 490*

Religious Traditions (Group A):

  • R/ST 314, R/ST 315, R/ST 317, R/ST 331, R/ST 337, R/ST 383, R/ST 460, R/ST 467, R/ST 471, R/ST 472, R/ST 490*

Religious Traditions (Group B):

  • R/ST 313A, 313B, R/ST 341, R/ST 344, R/ST 351, R/ST 352, R/ST 353, R/ST 358, R/ST 490*

Religion in the Contemporary World:

  • R/ST 301, R/ST 302, R/ST 303, R/ST 308, R/ST 362, R/ST 383, R/ST 391, R/ST 402, R/ST 410, R/ST 457, R/ST 458, R/ST 490*

Courses with a subject focus on religion that are offered by other departments can be articulated into the certificate (up to 6 units).

*When the subject matter of a special topics course is applicable, the course may be used.

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