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Department Chair: David J. Whitney

Department Office: Psychology Building (PSY), Room 100

Telephone: (562) 985-5001 / Fax: (562) 985-8004


Faculty: Courtney Ahrens, James H. Amirkhan, Dan Chiappe, Young-Hee Cho, Chi-Ah Chun, Maricela Correa, Martin S. Fiebert, Dennis G. Fisher, Gino A. Galvez, Araceli Gonzalez, May Ling Halim, Danielle Kohfeldt, Diane W. Lee, Lisa Maxfield, James D. Miles, William Pedersen, Sherry A. Span, Lindsey Sterling, Thomas Z. Strybel, Yada Treesukosol, Guido G. Urizar, Jr., Kim-Phuong L. Vu, Christopher R. Warren, Amy Wax, David J. Whitney, Arturo Zavala

Department Administrator: Sheri Hale


  • Undergraduate: ATLAS Advising Center / (562) 985-7804
  • Graduate: Diane Roe / (562) 985-5000

Psychology Research Office: PSY 206 / (562) 985-5680

Career Possibilities

Professor • Research Scientist • Research Analyst • Clinical Psychologist • Research Technician • Safety Officer • Laboratory Manager • Market Research • Statistician • Nursing • Human Factors • Counselor • Community Organization Worker • Personnel Analyst • Employment Interviewer • School Psychologist • Sports Psychologist • Career Counselor • Marriage and Family Therapist • Lawyer • Parole and Probation Officer • Teacher • Public Relations Worker • Researcher • Claim Adjuster • Sales Representative • Industrial Psychologist • Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor • Manager Trainee (Some of these, and other careers, require additional education or experience. For more information, see Various entry-level positions in business and industry are available for graduates regardless of academic discipline.


Please visit our website For the Bachelor's degree, select "Undergraduate Program." For the Master of Arts in Psychological Research, Master of Science in Human Factors, and Master of Science in Industrial-Organization Psychology degrees, select "Graduate Programs." For all programs, advising is available year round.

The Master's Programs provide specialized training in three areas: Master of Arts - Psychological Research Program, Master of Science in Human Factors, and the Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

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