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Law, Politics and Policy

POSC 212 How Democratic is the United States?
POSC 311 Constitutional Law: Power
POSC 312 Constitutional Law: Rights
POSC 321 The Media and American Politics
POSC 322 Parties, Campaigns, and Elections
POSC 323 Racial and Ethnic Politics – U.S.
POSC 326 California Government in Comparative Perspective
POSC 327 Urban Politics
POSC 328 Public Policy
POSC 329 Cases in Public Policy Making
POSC 412 Law and Social Change
POSC 414 Jurisprudence
POSC 417 Legal Practices: Moot Court
POSC 418 Legal/Judicial Apprenticeship
POSC 422 Public Opinion and Political Behavior
POSC 423 The American Presidency
POSC 424 The United States Congress
POSC 430 Fundamentals of Public Administration
POSC 431 Public Policy Analysis
POSC 432 Public Values and Public Policy
POSC 439 Senior Seminar in Law, Politics, and Policy
POSC 447 Public Service Internship I
POSC 448 Public Service Internship II

Political Theory

POSC 225 Issues in Political Theory
POSC 301 Classical Political Theory
POSC 303 Modern Political Theory
POSC 304 Recent Political Theory
POSC 306 Contemporary Political Ideologies
POSC 308 American Political Theory
POSC 401 Women in Political Theory
POSC 409 Senior Seminar in Political Theory

Global Politics

POSC 218 Global Politics
POSC 353 Governments and Politics of Western Europe
POSC 358 Contemporary Latin American Politics
POSC 362 Society and National Politics of China
POSC 367 Governments and Politics of the Middle East
POSC 371 Introduction to International Politics
POSC 376 International Law
POSC 378 Politics and Practice of the UN
POSC 450 Comparative Political Movements
POSC 455 Comparative Revolutionary Change
POSC 461 The Politics of Development
POSC 463 Nationalism and National Identities
POSC 479 Senior Seminar in Global Politics
POSC 481 U.S. – Latin American Relations
POSC 482 American Foreign Policy
POSC 485 International Political Economy
POSC 486 National Security Policies


POSC 199 Introduction to California Government
POSC 300 Scope/Methods Political Science
POSC 388 Cyberspace Citizenship
POSC 391 American Government
POSC 395 Politics Through Culture
POSC 399 Introduction to California Government
POSC 490H Honors Seminar
POSC 491H Honors Research
POSC 492H Honors Thesis
POSC 493 Special Topics
POSC 494 Politics of the Future
POSC 496 Washington Center Internship
POSC 497 Special Topics
POSC 498 Practicum in Politics
POSC 499 Readings and Conference in Political Science

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