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Master of Arts in Linguistics - Special Concentration

This concentration is 12-18 units. Students electing this concentration must 1) consult with the Graduate Advisor about their proposal; 2) submit a written justification for the course of study they wish to take, including 3) a list of the classes which are proposed to meet the objectives of this special program. Both the written justification and the course list are subject to approval. Other requirements of the program (e.g. a five course core, GPA, culminating experiences, etc.) cannot be waived or altered by use of the special concentration. Students wanting graduate credit for certain 400-level courses must consult with the Graduate Advisor before enrolling. Courses with an I suffix are not available for graduate credit.

Note: Graduate students are required to register for the higher (500-level) course whenever a course has a double number. Students may not repeat courses by taking them under different prefix designations, numbers or titles unless the course description specifically permits.

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